Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

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Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

Patients’ Rights

  • Rights to Access to care
  • Right to Respect and dignity
  • Right to Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Right to Personal safety and security
  • Right to Identity
  • Right to Information
  • Right to consent
  • Right to Consultation
  • Right to Transfer and Continuity of care
  • Right to Complaint process

Patients’ Responsibilities

  • Patient should provide complete and accurate information including patient’s full name, address, telephone numbers, age, insurance details, and other information according to the requirement of the hospital.
  • Patient should provide accurate information about hisor her health, including past illness or health problems, hospitalisation, allergies and current or past use of medication.
  • Patient should read and understand all medical forms including consent forms thoroughly before signing.
  • Patient should follow the prescriptions and agree with the treatment plan, and comply with the instructions given.
  • Patient should keep up the appointments made, or notify the hospital or clinic as early as possible if they are unable to keep up.
  • Patient should not ask healthcare providers to prove incorrect information, receipts or certificates.
  • Patients should not litter the hospital and use garbage bins to put waste. This will help the hospital authorities in keeping the hospital and its surroundings clean.
  • No one is allowed to smoke or spit inside the hospital premises.
  • Patients and visitors should provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions regarding the quality and extent of services available at the hospital.
  • Patient’s caretakers should ensure that payment of the bills is made on time as per the hospital’s policy.
  • Visitors and patients should treat the hospital staff and other patients with dignity and respect.
  • Patients and visitors should follow the hospital rules concerning attendants, visiting hours and patient conduct.
  • No one is allowed to damage hospital property out of frustration, anger or due to any untoward incident.
  • Visitors and patients are refrained from bringing alcohol, drugs or weapons into the hospital.
  • Patients and their attendants should leave their jewellery and valuables at home and bring only items necessary for the hospital stay.

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