Traditional or Robot-assisted joint replacement surgery? Which is more effective?

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Traditional or Robot-assisted joint replacement surgery? Which is more effective?

By Dr. Kushal Hippalgaonkar, MBBS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

Joint Replacement: Traditional vs. Robot-Assisted Surgery

Conventional or traditional methods of Joint Replacement surgeries have been in existence for many decades and are still in practice to help patients get relieved of discomfort. While Robot-assisted surgeries do not replace the expertise of surgeons, Robotic technology has the potential to improve patient outcome and better results. The advantages that Robot-assisted surgery offers are much better than a traditional surgery procedure can help provide.  Explore the pros and cons of traditional and robot-assisted joint replacement surgery to make an informed choice for better outcomes.

Imaging and Scanning Technology

The conventional method of planning Joint Replacements has its limitations owing to the 2D nature of templating and its uncertainties in representing 3D bony structures.

Sunshine Mako Robot comes with the most sophisticated technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D Virtual Modelling and MRI scanning to enable the surgeon to prepare a customised pre-operative plan for each patient. The technology helps the surgeon to have a magnified look at the affected bone area and tissues with predefined implant boundaries.

Implanting and Incisions

Surgeons operate by making an incision of 8 to 12 inches with the help of the standard tools and equipment in the conventional surgery methods.

The enlarged 3D imaging and Robotic-arm assistance helps the surgeon place the implant accurately and operate with 100% micro-precision cuts and a 3-6 inch incision helps reduce blood-loss and tissues damage.

Speedy Recovery Post-surgery

The traditional approach has the vulnerability of causing damage to tissues and excess loss of blood. It usually leads to longer hospitalization stay and prolonged recovery time.

The fear of post-operative pain or scars is alleviated with the benefits of minimal incision and little or no blood loss. After a Robot-assisted joint replacement surgery, patients can get back on their feet in a few hours, and walk out of the hospital within a few days. 

The Future of Joint Replacements

The arrival of the most advanced robotic technology like Sunshine Mako Orthobot at Sunshine Hospitals, helps Orthopaedic surgeons plan a treatment procedure, prepare diagnostics accurately and carry out Partial or Total Knee Replacements and Total Hip Replacements with excellent outcomes. The robust technology in the healthcare field can help improve patient outcome and reduce painful journeys.

When compared to the traditional surgery practices, Robot-assisted surgery procedures and methods are more effective by helping patients get back to their normal day-to-day-lives faster and better. Orthopaedic surgeons at Sunshine Hospitals have performed several Robot-assisted Joint Replacements, where patients have experienced the advantages of Sunshine Mako Robot.

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